IT рекрутинг - подбор персонала в IT сфере

Услуги IT рекрутинга для продуктовых компаний от VPteam. Лучшие кандидаты и кратчайшие сроки подбора IT-персонала для вашей компании. Находим Senior+ и C-level специалистов для IT компаний. Подбор IT специалистов.

We will find Senior +
and C-level executives
for product IT companies
Forget about micromanagement.
We will save your time and money.
Find the rarest candidates
and close those hard-to-fill positions
Find quickly
We get the fitting candidates faster, because they know us, trust us, and contact us first.
We are faithful to our duty
We show the list of candidates and the details of communication with each of them.
Every Friday we send the updates on your vacancy.
Provide feedback
We present honest feedback from the market and give recommendations on what to do with it further.
Protect the brand's reputation
Leave a lasting positive impression on your candidates, even if this time they did not get hired.
Do it ourselves
We work independently and keep you informed. You do not have to waste your time on micromanagement.
Think through
We ask numerous questions straight away. It is necessary to present your company to the candidates successfully and refrain from bothering you over every little thing afterward.

We work with product IT-companies, which we can sincerely recommend

These are the companies that have a solid reputation and transparent processes. Each of them is a team of like-minded people, where every employee is appreciated and highly valued.

Juliia Piven
Director at Vimeo Ukraine

At a time when the market is candidate’s, and the specialists we need worth a lot, together with the VP Team we have increased the company by 25% and continue to grow. Professionalism, responsiveness, active partner position, Vika’s inspirational travel, cats and social responsibility, an excellent team of cheerful and understanding recruiters.

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Anatoliy Visikirskiy
COO at Grammarly

With the help of VP Team, I found my dream job, where I have been happily working for 10 years. Later, I was also a client of VP Team and we worked together a lot. The best team on the market if you hire people for both professional qualities and values.

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Kira Rudik
ex-CEO Ring Ukraine

VP Team understands the needs of companies and does the work in a short time. Special thanks to Victoria Pridatko for building strong relationships between the company and potential employees.

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Ivan Kutanin
Head of Product Development at Skylum Software

It is always pleasing to hire with the VP Team because first of all it is always clarifying a lot of nuances and details on our part, even before the start of work :) This saves the budget and increases the chances of hiring.

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Iana Mykhailenko
Director of Engineering at Turnitin

I have been working with the VP Team since 2015 as a customer. I really like their personal approach to recruiting. The guys pay attention to culture, values and personal characteristics of the team and hiring manager in order to select professionals with whom it will be pleasant to work. During 6 years, I know no better agency for hiring for startups and product companies. Highly recommended.

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Kateryna Khalamendyk
Country HR Manager

I highly recommend VP Team recruiting agency! VP Team helped find a candidate with fairly high requirements very quickly. VP Team promptly respond to requests and quickly answer clarifying questions. Immediately after the vacancy opens, several candidates were proposed for consideration. At the stage of forming the application, we thoroughly worked out the requirements, the description of the vacancy and helped to visualize all the advantages of the company.

I would especially like to note the expert understanding of IT recruiting in Ukraine, a huge database of candidates and a network of contacts that has been accumulated over many years of work.

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Vlad Pranskevičius
CTO at

They close the most difficult positions professionally and with humor. Received feedback from candidates that they were the best recruiters in their career. Recognizable brand, excellent communication and team. I highly recommend it.

Super communication, personalized approach to recruiting.

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Kseniya Kekercheny
HRD at RBI Retail Innovation

Highly recommended! If you want to quickly and efficiently close the most difficult vacancy, you definitely need Victoria Prydatko.

Transparent communication, relevant candidates taking into account the needs of your company and project, positive and professional recruiters.

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Artem Petrov
Serial Entrepreneur and Digital Health Professional. San Francisco Bay Area

I’ve been working with VP Team for several years and across multiple ventures that I either managed or founded. In our last engagement, we successfully hired the very first candidate introduced to us.

With VP Team, you can expect a very high level of technical candidates from day one without overhead building public reputation and staffing an in-house recruiting team in such a tremendously competitive market.

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Sergey Puzankov
Engineering director Loxo

We are very pleased with our cooperation with VP Team. Not only did the agency fulfill its task of hiring 2 seniors, it also overfulfilled it! We hired 5 instead of 2 planned, and the whole process took us only 1 month. The first employee started to work already 2 weeks after the start of the search.

The cooperation process was very transparent, and constant and prompt communication allowed us to quickly resolve all emerging issues and, as a result, close vacancies. It is very easy and pleasant to do business with VP Team — without any corporate bullshit! The agency provides a “fat” pipeline of proven senior level candidates.

One hundred percent Recommended!

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