Аналитика рекрутинга

Обучение рекрутингу и HR аналитика от VPteam. Как проводить собеседование и онбординг IT специалистам? Как полностью настроить процессы рекрутинга в компании? Внедрение рекрутинговых метрик, аудит рекрутинга.

Recruitment Consulting

When a company cannot close the vacancies on their own, we save the day. We delve into the hunting process and give feedback. 

We help you build an efficient recruiting process so that you not only find the right people but also stay in good relations with each job seeker.

Option 1. Recruitment 101

Fully customized recruitment processes in the company:

  • Creating a job description: what the employee should do, what shall be their responsibilities, and what resources they may need to complete the tasks;
  • Market analysis and search for candidates;
  • Interviewing: how to make sure that the candidates do not want to leave you and shall recommend you to others;
  • Communication with candidates, how to give the right feedback;
  • Carrying out onboarding so that the process is organized with care for a new employee;
  • Training your software engineers to create a comfortable atmosphere at a technical interview;
  • Implementation of recruitment metrics (turnover rate, cost of hiring, etc.);
  • Recruitment planning and budgeting.

Option 2. Interviews and onboarding

Interviewing, communication with candidates, conducting onboarding.

Option 3. Recruitment in numbers

Implementing recruiting metrics; planning and budgeting recruiting.

Option 4. HR consulting and recruiting audit

This option is suitable for companies that already have an HR department, and who may need to analyze HR processes in general or recruitment processes separately: how recruiters interact with other departments, how the recruitment process goes, how efficiently recruitment software is used, and how you can strengthen every element of the system.

The result of the audit is a step-by-step plan for bringing recruiting to a new level, which the company implements independently or with our participation.

If you have any questions please contact our Account Manager Iryna Savruk to discuss all the details.