Startup Consulting

Aside from search & selection consulting services we provide professional coaching services in partnership with Alla Adam, Startup Coach based in the US.

Startup Coaching will help you develop the following skills:

1. Leadership: how top founders work, rest, and manage their teams. Here, founders shall start with self-management: master the skill of productive rest that leads to productive work. We help founders find their balance to form & guide reliable teams, identify breakthrough ideas, and establish partnership relations with top investors.

2. Operations & Strategy: how top founders build sales & marketing roadmap, manage finances, and develop investment strategies.

Leadership coaching is organically followed by Operations & Strategy. Based on your startup development stage, we add value to existing & create new strategies & tactics in areas of sales, marketing, & finance, as well as we develop a sustainable bespoke investment strategy.

3. Negotiations: how top founders communicate and manage conflict. Your communication skills are the key to successful negotiations, profitable deals, and product launches on new markets. NaaS = Negotiations as a Service – is the most in-demand service in Alla’s coaching portfolio, and we’ll be glad to help you develop this success boosting skill.

Also you can find more about Alla Adam from her bio.

If you have any questions please contact our Account Manager Iryna Savruk to discuss all the details.