Поиск C-Level IT специалистов

Услуги подбора CEO компании от VPteam.  Подбор C-level специалистов и топ-менджмента. Находим кандидатов на должности CEO, CIO, IT Director и других руководителей высшего звена. Резюме топ-менеждеров в IT компании.

Hiring C-level IT Executives

Finding a manager, we use two approaches - C-level Recruitment and Executive Search.

The characteristic feature of C-level Recruitment is that vacancies of this level are confidential and do not get posted on any open source websites. This approach is required when it is essential to review the candidates on the market and recruit the best one out of those who are qualified for the job and considered applying.

What does Executive Search look like?

  • Analysis of the customer's company and discussion of requirements (1-2 days). Purpose of the stage: to create a final description of the company / project, highlight their competitive advantages on the market, determine the main points for positioning for both the vacancy and the company.
  • Creating the candidate's profile and job description (1-2 days). Purpose of the stage: to have a fully prepared description of the profile and company for presentation to candidates and placement in external sources.
  • Mapping with the subsequent formation of a long list of candidates (2-7 days). Purpose of the stage: to approve the final profiles of the candidate with the client, to select from the list of all candidates only those whom the client is ready to consider.
  • Formation of a short list of candidates (2-14 days). Purpose of the stage: to select 1-3 candidates for the final stage of the interview.
  • Leading the candidates for all stages of the interview, choosing a finalist, making a job offer (duration depending on the speed of the processes within the client’s company). Purpose of the stage: to make a job offer to the finalist, to sign a contract with the candidate, to stipulate the start date.

The cost of Executive Search varies between 25% and 30%, and also includes:

  • Market analytics for the given vacancie;
  • Work with a dedicated recruiter who has an experience in closing C-level vacancies;
  • Weekly progress reports;
  • Access to the database where you can monitor processes in real time;
  • Three months warranty replacement;
  • Overview of real C-level salaries.

If you have any questions please contact our Account Manager Iryna Savruk to discuss all the details.