Hiring a CMO: 10 Questions for Your Kick-off Call with the Recruiter

Throughout 2022-2023, our team efficiently filled CMO positions in the USA for a product company, a Growth Marketing Lead role for Monobak, and a CMO position for a Ukrainian product company.

In these cases, 90% of our success stemmed from effectively briefing the recruiter by the founder/CEO (the key hiring manager for these positions).

Therefore, we're providing you with the same crucial 10 points to communicate to the recruiter during the kick-off to ensure an effective search process. 

And if you need assistance with the search, contact Viktoriia Prydatko at vp@vpteam.io.

Hiring a CMO: Essential Information to Convey to the Recruiter

  • Has this role existed before? If so, why the replacement? If not, who performed these functions previously?
  • What does our current team look like? What experience is critical for the CMO candidate: team size, role diversity, multinationalism, etc.?
  • What kind of person are we seeking as a leader for this team? How many people will report directly to them, who will they interact with, and to whom will they report? What was the structure of interaction among team members before this hiring?
  • What markets does our company operate in? What market experience is mandatory for the candidate?
  • What business tasks lie ahead of us? What will be in the CMO's realm of responsibility? What business metrics do we have? What marketing metrics do we measure? What results based on which metrics do we want to see in the candidate's portfolio?
  • What niche experience is critically important for us?
  • Distribution, what experience is critical for us: x% from B2B, x% from B2C.
  • What will be the marketing budget? What experience managing such a marketing budget should the candidate have?
  • What will be the compensation structure: fixed + bonus, fixed + profit percentage, or another option?
  • My personal and team red flags.