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Are you in need of highly skilled software engineers for your projects? Look no further! For over 15 years, we have cultivated a network of top-tier senior-level engineers throughout Ukraine, Europe, and LATAM. We take pride in presenting you with a selection of Senior Software Engineers who have undergone rigorous screening and are ready to be introduced to your projects.

To connect with these exceptional professionals or explore similar talent within our network, simply reach out to Oleksandr at ah@vpteam.com.ua.

Meet Our Featured Engineers:

Oleksandr - Principal JS Engineer

  • Expertise: Web Development (React, Node, Mongo, Angular, AWS), Modern Architecture
  • Location: Ukrainian engineer currently based in Poland
  • Experience: 14 years delivering enterprise-level SaaS solutions
  • Noteworthy Achievements: Introduced micro frontends architecture, led teams of up to 13 people, and served as a Delivery Manager for up to 40 members. Client experience includes Apple, with over 30 projects delivered and 100+ technical interviews conducted.

Dmytro - Senior Software Engineer

  • Expertise: AWS, Node.js, TypeScript, React, Serverless Framework
  • Location: Ukrainian engineer currently in the UK
  • Experience: 6 years in various industries, including Supply Chain & Logistics and Health & Wellness
  • Noteworthy Achievements: Played a key role in expanding Apiari's operations nationally, utilizing geolocation-based user matching and Google Map integration. Proficient in working with international teams and customer communication.

Kostiantyn - Senior Frontend Developer

  • Expertise: Firebase, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, React.js, REST API, and more
  • Location: Ukrainian engineer currently in Poland
  • Experience: 7 years across Fintech, Machine Learning/AI, Health & Wellness, and E-commerce sectors
  • Noteworthy Achievements: Designed two design systems from scratch, emphasizing reusable styles and components. Developed a sophisticated scheduler with cron expressions and time zones. Known for clean and maintainable code and adaptability to new technologies.

When it comes to recruiting the best software engineers for your projects, trust our extensive experience and network. Contact us today to explore your options and ensure your team is equipped with the talent it needs to succeed.