We Source, You Connect

For tech company leaders seeking a swift and cost-effective hiring process, our VP Team senior recruiter meticulously selects candidates to fill positions. Within one week, we deliver a curated list of relevant candidate contacts along with a personalized outreach letter. 

Following this, you can interview the top 3-10 candidates and extend an offer, ensuring an overall time-to-hire of less than 30 days.

🙌🏻 VP Team has been a trusted choice for Senior Engineers, Managers, and C-level executives for 14 years. In 2023, we successfully filled positions for various product tech companies: DRESSX (Unreal Engine Developer, VP of Product, ML Researcher), monobank (Tech Lead, Direct Marketing manager, Growth Lead), LetyShops (Staff Engineer, Senior DevOps), etc. 

Here's how we collaborate during the initial week:

  1. Sign the contract, and our recruiter begins analyzing the job description.
  2. Engage in a 30-minute call to comprehend the actual demand.
  3. While you focus on your revenue-generating tasks, our recruiter searches, collects, and analyzes potential profiles, creating easy-to-read files with outreach letters that achieve a 20% reply rate.
  4. Receive a comprehensive list of contacts, along with email and LinkedIn outreach letters, and a recommendations note — all for the price of $2000. The candidate outreach can be added to the service.

Viktoriia Prydatko, CEO, emphasizes the added value of our sourcing collaboration, providing a positive candidate experience crucial for building a strong employer brand: 

“Making the right contact with an accurate message-pitch constitutes 80% of success in filling positions quickly and nurturing a network for future vacancies.”

Our non-bureaucratic, fast, and highly professional team is ready for action. 

Contact Tetiana now to start working together tomorrow morning: tn@vpteam.io