We Interview, You Extend Offers

For tech company leaders aiming to accelerate their response to vacancies, pre-screened interviews managed by VP Team's senior recruiter provide detailed summaries after each interview and a curated list of best-fit candidates.

This allows you to select the top 3-10 candidates and extend an offer within less than 30 days.

 πŸ™ŒπŸ» VP Team has been a trusted choice for Senior Engineers, Managers, and C-level executives for 14 years, successfully filling positions for various product tech companies in 2023: DRESSX (Unreal Engine Developer, VP of Product, ML Researcher), monobank (Tech Lead, Direct Marketing manager, Growth Lead), LetyShops (Staff Engineer, Senior DevOps), etc. 

We handle pre-screening until you extend an offer. Here's how we collaborate:

  1. Sign the contract, and our recruiter starts analyzing the job description, working with all received applications.
  2. Engage in a 30-minute call to understand the actual demand.
  3. While you focus on revenue-generating tasks, our recruiter responds to each request, schedules interviews, conducts them, provides detailed summaries, offers open feedback, raises necessary discussion points based on interviews, and drives the process forward. All for the price of $5000.

Yuliia Demchenko, Senior Recruiter at VP Team, assisted a US startup (blockchain/web3) team in continuing development without worrying about urgent hiring:

β€œThey had a published job opening and feedback on it. However, there were no hands available to sift through everything, select the most relevant candidates, and process them for a conversation with the team:

  • Selected relevant candidates from the feedback.
  • Conducted pre-screening calls to assess candidates' alignment with the company's expectations.
  • Presented the best candidates to the client in a convenient format.
  • Maintained communication with all candidates and guided each through every stage until an offer was made.
  • Provided feedback to everyone from the company. 

Additionally, I advised hiring managers on collaboration terms and important aspects regarding candidate expectations to ensure the offer was correctly outlined. A person was successfully hired.”

Our non-bureaucratic, fast, and highly professional team is ready for action. 

Contact Tetiana now to start working together tomorrow morning: tn@vpteam.io.