Thinking of change

Having read the article "Career development inside the company or transition, what is best?" I wondered how many companies really need the changes they mention.

Recently I realized I have unclear expectations regarding such changes, and I started thinking. Offering my help to other companies, I see myself as an innovator, helping them improve the existing system. I explain how useful this system may be, tell about a qualitatively new final result, but even if the current one is unsatisfying, not every company needs a new result.

It is vital for people to preserve their safe environment, what they are used to, what works. Perhaps not very well, but it does work, so don't touch anything!

I understand that security is fundamental, and until that basic need for protection is "satisfied," we cannot start implementing the changes. However, let's take into account not only security but also the future. Security is a good thing. However, it prevents us from growing, and development is necessary for competitiveness.

Dear colleagues, we operate in a very competitive market, and if we behave the same way as everyone, WE WILL NOT DIFFER. And if we want to work with OUTSTANDING people, we must stand out first. Smart people want to work with the smart. Passing interviews at IT companies programmers encounter the same interview style over and over. 15 minutes of a dreary meeting with HR, who has no idea about a thing that interests a programmer the most - what the project is about. HR talks in a different language and does not give feedback. As a result, programmers write negative reviews to developers, and HRs get offended.

Dear colleagues, taking offense - is the anger towards your own fantasies. Let's address the cause, not the effect. Do the interview people want to go to, not a routine interview like every other company. People will work at the place where they feel valued. Respect your employees, find out what they are interested in, how they see the interviewing and management process, and the best people will work with you.

Coco Chanel stated, "people do not need your advice, people need your approval." However, if we approve only the things we have, without evaluating how effective they are, we can hardly get a qualitatively new result. Einstein claimed that "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results." If you want to get what you never had, do what you never did. If you hire the people, who can change your business, be prepared to accept these changes.

Vika Pridatko


VP Team