Our team of leaders is ready to join and structure for those specific business goals, detailing the level of expertise required, hiring scenarios, and growth strategies.

For managers who are in the process or have already developed a strategy for their business in 2024, and are initiating the hiring of top executives/core team members, our team of leaders is prepared to connect and structure, identifying the precise business goals, required skill levels, and outlining hiring and growth scenarios.

Consulting will be provided by:

Victoriia Prydatko, with 20 years in tech, 13 years in product-focused senior/C-level recruitment, and founder of VP Team.

Kateryna Ostapchuk, a top executive and board member with 20 years of experience in organizational development, HR, international expansion across 12 industries and 7 countries.

Tactical insights will cover:

  • What to include in strategic planning.
  • Possible growth points and team communication.
  • Timelines for hiring various positions.
  • Factors influencing these timelines.
  • Key considerations in assessment.
  • Salary ranges.
  • Candidate expectations.
  • How to expedite the closing process.

Session Cost: $500

To schedule, contact Tetiana, tn@vpteam.io.