Software Engineer: Take These Tips into Account When Searching for a Job in a European Product Company

1. Choose a company based on its future prospects.

If you opt for a project in its early stages, you have a great opportunity to grow into a lead position and become an integral part of the team. It may seem like the project is small and lacks potential at the moment, but in six months, it could become highly promising. Therefore, in addition to considering the tech stack and salary, pay attention to the future outlook.

2. Make sure to research the salary trends in the market you are applying to.

For example, a real case scenario involved an engineer with six years of experience who expected a salary of $100,000. However, in Spain, an engineer with 15 years of experience was asking for $60,000. It's not about who deserves what; it's about conducting research beforehand.

3. Directly asking, "How much do you pay?" is considered a red flag by European recruiters.

Instead, start by discussing the values and perspectives of both parties, as well as the potential for growth and added value. Financial expectations are addressed later in the process.

4. Engineers should have a solid understanding of how business works as a whole and different business models.

For instance, some companies explicitly state that engineers will primarily function as business partners rather than mere coders. Interviewers may also ask questions related to business cases.

5. Engineers need to confidently present their own cases and achievements.

If a candidate stumbles or fails to express their thoughts clearly, the hiring manager perceives it as insufficient competence at the senior level.

6. Inquire about all the interview stages with the recruiter.

7. Ask who will conduct each stage, what questions are planned, and how the evaluation process will be conducted.

By initiating these questions, you demonstrate your engagement in the process, which is highly regarded.

8. Always prepare questions about the company, role, project, and tasks, starting from the initial screening interview.

This demonstrates your soft skills, which are important to recruiters.

9. Ensure that all your documents are in order. We encountered a case where a person had a residence permit but lacked a work permit, which led the company to be unable to consider the candidate.

We recommend hiring a consultant in the local market who can help you efficiently handle all the necessary paperwork.