Ukrainian market of IT candidates after lockdown: changes and tendencies

Our team keeps on connecting smart candidates and great IT companies despite lockdown. So we decided to share our insights on what has changed during pandemic in the market of IT candidates:


No matter what, people keep on taking vacations in summer. Even closed borders cannot change it. Candidates are relaxed and headhunters are having their low season. 


There are no more lists of dismissed employees or sites where you can find them. Those who were downsized already found new jobs. For example, our list of active candidates ran out of date in 2 months.


More candidates are willing to work remotely. We fully support this trend.


In the meantime some employees crave to go back to office. Especially, young parents :). We feel you and will do our best to help


Some candidates are not willing to change job for a number of reasons and tend to raise their salary expectations. Their motivation also varies: either they want to turn down recruiter’s offer indirectly or have no interest in a specific area. But they believe that money can fix it or at least cover potential instability while switching to another company.  


Some companies are still striving and downsize teams partially or completely. Although now it happens with less hustle and bustle. 

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Yes, IT-specialists can chill for a while: the market is coming back to normal after turmoil. Most companies have adapted to new realities and keep on working. Unfortunately, many projects have shut down but they are being replaced by more resilient ones. As they say, nothing is more stable than change. 


The pandemic showed that company’s support of employees is crucial. No good coffee can compare to safety and confidence in your workplace. Candidates will never forget companies that dismissed employees and cut their salaries. Crisis has shown all that was covered by false values. The same refers to candidates. 

When situation goes back to normal, the rule of boomerang starts working.


Salary expectations stay more or less stable. Panic caused by massive downsizes in the beginning of pandemic has ceased. In March and April the numbers were 20-30% lower than usual. It does not happen often now. 


Crisis has stirred Ukrainian IT market a bit and made it reload. As a result, resilient and weather-beaten companies and candidates have strengthened their positions and will definitely find each other. 

We thank Dariia Danchenko for sharing her insights