Hiring managers looking to hire a product marketing manager ✌🏻

Key information we advise providing to recruiters for an effective search is here 👇🏻

In 2022-2023, we worked on filling positions Product Marketing Lead and Product Marketing Managers for an investment app, a parent-child application, and a cybersecurity company.

Recruiter Olesya Koronivska, who worked on it, has compiled a list of information for you to pass on to the recruiter during the vacancy formation stage.

We would be happy to provide detailed consultation on these points or any other questions related to the search for a product marketing manager. Please contact Viktoriia Prydatko, Founder and CEO of VP Team, at vp@vpteam.io.

This information specifically impacts the accuracy and speed of the search. We recommend providing the recruiter with as much detail as possible on each point, verbally during the kick-off meeting.

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