VP Team: Candidates' Analytics, Q1-3, 2020

VP Team: Candidates' Analytics, Q1-3, 2020

What interesting and informative things could you accomplish in 9 months of 2020? For example, in VP Team we have collected analytics on all salary expectations that candidates shared with us in 2020 (from January to September, inclusive). In this particular overview we do not display info about the entire IT-market of Ukraine, but only about the applicants with whom we worked on our vacancies. And we contacted the most relevant specialists for our clients.

In total, we received 227 answers with amounts and displayed them in our graphs according to several criteria:


We admit that not everyone will like our analytics, so we recommend not to continue reading if you believe in Senior Developers for $ 2.5K.

Gender: Our candidates include 190 males and 36 femails. Approximate ratio is 1:5. At VP Team, we really hope that this gap will narrow over time.

Interesting fact: as of today, we have a vacancy with targeted search for a female Frontend developer.

Seniority level: most often we close Senior positions, so most of the candidates ended up in this profile - 126. C-level is in second place - 46, we also have a lot of such vacancies. Lead and Middle: 20 and 19, respectively. There are 8 and 7 announced payment expectations for Team Lead and Tech Lead positions.

Location: 196 of our candidates live in Kyiv, 10 in Kharkov, 4 in Odesa and Lviv respectively, 3 in Zaporizhzhia. Other cities - Vinnytsia, Kryvyi Rih, Chernivtsi, Dnipro and Ivano-Frankivsk...

Despite the growing popularity of remote work, most of the clients are still looking for the office and mainly in Kyiv.

We also analyzed the size of companies from which companies are coming.

Under n/a we have united companies, whose names are under NDA, freelancers and temporarily unemployed candidates.

1500+ - service companies.

The rest of the companies are product IT companies.

What kind of specialists we communicated with most often? .NET, of course! And also many Full Stack developers, PHP, Blockchain, CMO, Python, iOS. A little less we were looking for Android developers, QA Automation, UX/UI designers, DevOps, QA manual, Java. Others included: CTO, ML engineers, BD, HR, Frontend.

And now we come close to the most intriguing data.

Let's start with the gender-to-Seniority ratio of the candidate: C-level positions practically displayed parity, while among Middle and Lead developers there are 4 times less women, among Senior - 10 times, and in the Team and Tech Lead categories they are not at all presented.

Yes, we are talking about the candidates who answered us, and not about the entire market. However, we hope that the number of Women in Tech will continue to grow. After all, there was a female developer from Chernivtsi that turned out to be our desired candidate for Blockchain vacancy.

Finally, the hottest numbers: the salary expectations that were announced to us.

Among Senior Developers, we were frankly surprised by the Blockchain with a $ 12K request. The rest of the expectations for engineering positions are within the usual $ 4-6K range, with a slight shift from iOS towards $ 6.5K.

Product and UX/UI designers were a little more modest in their requests: $ 3-4K and $ 2-5K, respectively.

Separately, we looked at what C-level specialists want to receive: Head of Marketing, CMO and COO. The spread is quite large - from $ 2.2K to $ 5K and $ 6.6K for top managers in marketing and from $ 2K to $ 8K for COO.

What conclusions did we come to in the end?

  • there are still several times less women among our candidates than among men among developers. As for the top management, the situation is much better: the distribution is almost equal;
  • the greatest demand is still for Senior developers and C-level candidates, albeit by a wide margin. The number of vacancies for Team and Tech Leads has become much less, as teams are increasingly leaning towards the most horizontal structure;
  • among cities for search, everything is also in the lead by a large margin;
  • candidates from product companies, including small ones, are open to proposals no less often than their colleagues from outsourcing and outstaffing;
  • during these 9 months we were looking for backend and full stack developers (.NET, PHP, Java, Python), as well as C-level (COO, CMO, Head of Marketing) and Blockchain. And unexpectedly little contact with frontend developers (we miss you!);
  • Salaries of designers and C-level candidates have not changed significantly. Although sometimes there are requests that are much higher than the market. As for Senior developers, more and more often we see requests for $ 5-5.5K, although at the beginning of the year $ 4.5K was more common. Well, the pandemic and the closure of many projects have made candidates more cautious and demanding in terms of payment.