Consulting/Supervision in Directions: Organization of hiring process from scratch. Building a recruiting team in a product company. Audit of recruiting function. Preparation of hiring manager

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Consultant: Tamara Mishcherina

Head of Talent Acquisition. 14 years of experience. An expert in building a top specialist search algorithm based on transparency, simplicity, and effectiveness. Recruits specialists at all levels, from junior to senior and C-level, engineers, and managers. Successfully implemented referral programs, recruiting KPI systems, changes in Employer Brand materials, and onboarding processes. 

Collaborated with companies: EPAM Systems, Access Softek, Innovecs, Nova Ukraine. In positions: Director of Recruiting, Recruitment Consultant, Head of Talent Acquisition department, Human Resources Recruiting manager. 

Global Remote Team Manager. Coaches teams of specialists at Junior, Middle, Senior levels from different countries, within outsourcing and product companies. 

Experienced career consultant and expert in LinkedIn optimization and promotion. Speaker at conferences and events. Invited lecturer for recruitment courses.

You can engage in short-term consulting or long-term supervision in the following areas:

 Organization of the hiring process in a company from scratch at all decision-making levels.

Identifying the real needs of the company. Building a team structure. Writing processes. Creating the necessary documentation for team hiring. Calculating the cost of a vacancy considering all selection stages, involving managers of different levels, and time for discussion and preparation. Formulating real candidate functional requests for maximum selection of relevant candidates. Market research before creating a request for a new candidate. Risk assessment in the hiring process. Organization and synchronization of recruiter, candidate, and involved managers to ensure a common understanding of tasks. Deep assessment of candidates at various management levels to ensure the selection of the most suitable candidate. Allocation of responsibility zones for managers of different levels in candidate selection. 

— Creating an internal recruiting team for product companies.

— Conducting an audit of the recruiting function to identify weaknesses and optimization opportunities. 

— Training hiring managers for successful participation in the candidate selection process. 

Creating a clear understanding for hiring managers of what they want from hiring, synchronization in understanding by other selection participants, and the main goal of the role. 

— Formulation and optimization of LinkedIn profile, preparation for hiring process and interviews, assistance with resume formatting. 

— Developing strategies for proper dismissal and preparation for it. 

— Developing approaches to salary negotiations and career growth strategies according to your company's format.

Tamara's work will definitely suit you if you are:

  • a company that needs to build/rebuild/audit the recruitment process. 
  • a specialist at levels from Junior to Senior who needs to build a career development strategy.


Audit of the recruiting function of a small outsourcing company with its main office in Ukraine.

Created descriptions of mandatory metrics and processes and developed an understanding within the company of the direction of recruitment development for the year. 

Tamara's role - conducting an audit, forming a report on it, and providing recommendations. 

Implementation of the existing recruiting system into the company's business processes.

We gained transparency of the entire hiring process. Understanding of all parties involved, who is responsible for what, and how quickly the process is moving. Quick reaction and the ability to eliminate mistakes in the process itself. 

Tamara created an atmosphere of cooperation and mutual assistance between teams, which contributed to speeding up the process and quality hiring. 

Adjusting LinkedIn algorithms and resume formation. The candidate received offers from LinkedIn, Fetch Rewards, and Adobe.

A developer with 15 years of experience, where he spent 13 years in the same company. With my assistance, a profile and resume were created. Preparation for interviews and self-positioning were conducted.

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Wtech Ambassador for LinkedIn consulter, Head of Recruitment

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