Consulting/Supervision in Directions: Business Optimization. Organizational Transformation. Systematization of Internal Processes. Business Efficiency.

Top C-level experts of the Ukrainian tech business in one place. Personally recommended by Vika Prydatko, the #1 recruitment influencer in Ukraine.

Collaborate on specific requests, prepare processes for hiring new specialists, or launch a global company transformation—whatever your plan, VP Team ensures a swift start to collaborative work, supports organizational matters, and is there for any questions.

Consultant: Kateryna Ostapchuk

Top executive and Board member with 24 years of expertise in business development and scaling, across 12 industries and 7 countries.

Board Member and Strategic Advisor at Bini Bambini

Ex-Board Member at Kharkiv and Omega Render

15 years of experience in leadership positions at companies: prudens, Hudson, Neumann Partners, CCG, SGS, RedHead

In the consulting portfolio: Homsters, Ciklum, bizoil, Netpeak, logity, Nix solutions, MoneyVeo, Devart, Archimatika

You can engage in short-term consulting or long-term supervision in these areas:

— Business optimization and organizational transformation:

Buying and selling companies. Transitioning from one business model to another. Expanding into new markets. Launching a new product.

— Coaching for company owners:

Business restructuring and increasing personal effectiveness.

 Systematization of internal processes:

Business monitoring. Optimization of team structures. Creating dashboards to track key metrics and other tools.

—  Handing over the business to a CEO and returning management to the owner

—  Consultations for socially impactful startups

Working with Katya is perfect for your company if it's:

  • Large business: 200+ team / $25 million+ annual revenue / 5+ international markets
  • Medium-sized business: 100+ team / up to $1 million annual revenue / local market
  • Pre-seed / Seed, A-B series startup


Bini Bambini: Transformation in the education sector—comprehensive strategic consulting, working with products and top management of the company

Point A: Successful app development studio led by the founder with no clear strategy

Point B: An international company with 56 successful apps and transparent control tools, a team of 150 people, and a presence in global markets led by a CEO

Katherine's role — strategic consultant and coach for the founder. She built a board of directors for the company's transformation, worked with the founder on what he retains in operational work and what he delegates to the CEO. Introduced new working methodologies, assembled a new top-tier team, conducted a series of trainings for managers, and implemented significant changes in corporate culture.

OmegaRender: Strategic development, structuring, and entry into the international market in the rendering and visualization gaming direction

Point A: Focus on the Eastern European market, limited partnerships, unstructured management system

Point B: Recognition of the company as one of the top 10 rendering players in the world with 80% of client portfolios in the USA and the introduction of new innovative services, creating a visual gaming direction

Katherine's role — strategic consultant. She established financial reporting, restructured management, and helped redistribute product niches. Formed a top team, helped create a board of directors, and found approaches to expansion and partner-agent scaling systems.

Homsters: Comprehensive development of a startup for entry into global markets and successful sale. The path from a developed framework to a successful project, purchased by a Swedish media holding after my cooperation, which launched 1600+ platforms worl

Point A: Developed initial product for creating real estate platforms.

Point B: Comprehensive platform purchased by a Swedish media holding after my cooperation, which launched 1600+ platforms worldwide.

Katherine's role — HR Advisor. She built an effective HR department, fostered HR culture in the team, and ultimately found an HRD to continue her work.

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