Consulting/Supervision in: Building sales strategy and sales teams (EU, US markets). Product-led Growth and Product-led Strategies. Career coaching.

Top C-level experts of the Ukrainian tech business in one place. Personally recommended by Vika Prydatko, the #1 recruitment influencer in Ukraine.

Collaborate on specific requests, prepare processes for hiring new specialists, or launch a global company transformation—whatever your plan, VP Team ensures a swift start to collaborative work, supports organizational matters, and is there for any questions.

Consultant: Marina Nikitchuk

Business Development expert.

Head of Sales, Expandi (UK).

Companies: DaraArt, Provectus, VGS, AppsFlyer. 

Clients: Sigma, Competera, InsArt, 8allocate, Taimi, Legal Nodes, Langate, 28software and many more

Worked in industries: MarTech and SalesTech, Finance, Data Management, Data Security, SaaS.

Markets: UK (6 years of practice), EMEA, LATAM, US.

Focus: Building predictable and scalable models and processes for Marketing, Sales, Partner networks to maximize company revenue.

Practicing consultant for businesses and sales managers.

Conference speaker. Author of the "Business Development Sales and Marketing" course and BizDeva Telegram channel.

You can engage in short-term consulting or long-term supervision in the following areas:

— Development of strategies and team building for sales in European and US markets.

— Product-led growth and product-led sales (PLG, PLS).

Development of strategies and plans to increase sales and product popularity using innovative approaches in product management.

— Lead generation.

Development and execution of strategies to attract potential clients through email marketing and phone calls.

 Conducting sales team audits to increase efficiency and optimize processes.

— Sales team building services.

Building sales teams from scratch. Writing job descriptions, preparing test tasks, conducting interviews for effective hiring of highly qualified candidates.

 Career coaching for sales professionals.

Supporting specialists in transitioning from other fields to sales. Development and improvement of qualifications for sales professionals.

Working with Marina is right for you if you are:

  • a department director
  • a business owner
  • a B2B manager in IT

and want to build sales development processes (inbound/outbound). From strategy, hiring plan, and support in the hiring process, to KPIs, compensation packages, and so on.


Request: Team Expansion and Hiring SDRs or SDR Managers

Marina developed the job description and test task. She was involved in the initial and final stages of interviews and candidate selection. She also supported onboarding, as the team lacked an internal manager.

Request: Set Up Outbound Sales Process

Marina audited the current processes. She helped establish the right balance of outbound/inbound, identified lead generation channels, sources of pipeline origin for the sales manager, and planned the structure of the sales manager team.

Request: Build Compensation Package for SDRs

Marina helped determine the appropriate motivation system for the company and provided consultation on what to consider when forming the compensation package and what to include in it.

Request: Design the First 30, 60, 90 Days for an SDR Manager or Sales Manager

Marina outlined the onboarding process, the necessary procedures, the setup of initial dashboards, and the technology implementation.

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