How mono, the Renowned Ukrainian Bank, Hired a Growth Marketing Manager in Just 14 Days

Discover the Blueprint for Recruiting a Growth Marketing Manager and the Three Tactics that Led to Success within a Fortnight.

Understanding the Role:

As the top mobile-only bank in Ukraine, mono offers a range of services including credit cards and deposits through an intuitive mobile app, ensuring seamless financial management.

Facing an imperative for team expansion, mono approached us seeking a qualified candidate. The search began for a skilled Growth Marketing Manager.

The Growth Marketing Manager Profile:

  • Minimum of 3 years' experience as a Growth Product Manager and Product Marketing Manager in mobile product sectors
  • Deep enthusiasm for driving product triumph and meticulous examination of details
  • Proficiency in analytics and comprehensive evaluation of metrics and processes within both the product and team
  • Capability to craft SQL queries
  • Hands-on involvement with mobile app promotion channels
  • Familiarity with Adjust, Appsflyer, Firebase, and GA is advantageous
  • Profound comprehension of Growth metrics
  • Demonstrated independence, autonomy, and an ardent interest in professional advancement hand in hand with product development
  • English language proficiency at an Upper-Intermediate level, with a plus for Polish language skills

Practical Insights & Key Takeaways:

Achieving this feat in a mere 14 days is a testament to the following strategies.

1. Prioritize Cultivating the Employer Brand:

mono stands as a premier provider of high-quality solutions in the market. A compelling employer brand attracts candidates who hadn't previously considered switching jobs, particularly when the expertise is scarce.

2. Forge Alliances with Well-Connected Recruiters:

Partnering with an agency proves cost-effective and time-efficient. The VP Team's Olesya Koronivska boasts an extensive network of marketing managers and an in-depth grasp of the role. She sourced six exceptional candidates from her pool of 42 experts, one of whom secured the offer. The client reaped substantial savings and reduced stress by closing the position in record time.

3. Place Trust in Recruiters and Craft a Streamlined Hiring Process:

The recruitment journey involves four stages: 1) initial call with the recruiter, 2) technical interview, 3) practical assignment, and offer. The order of events, with the assignment post-technical interview, fosters meaningful interactions between the candidate and company. Effective communication between the recruiter and client ensured prompt delivery of the offer, enabling the client to focus on their work rather than the hiring process.

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