How to Hire a Direct Marketing Manager in 19 Days

Product and Goals:

We were hiring for ambitious and essential development goals for our beloved monobank, including scaling products in Ukraine and Europe and developing and launching new products in the portfolio.

Must-Have Requirements:

The hiring manager was seeking a talented individual with a strong skill set in direct communication, working with metrics, SQL, and robust audience segmentation skills to join their team. It was critical for all of us that the new hire would complement monobank's unique culture and share common values with the team.

Workflow and Analytics:

Our pipeline consisted of 83 candidates, with 24 of them not interested in changing jobs. We presented four candidates who met all the essential requirements. Two of them underwent interviews and a test task, and one received an offer.

The Secret Sauce of a Successful Hire:

The hiring manager (as in all previous monobank cases 😍) played a key role. He was deeply involved in the process, provided prompt feedback, understood the candidate's profile, and welcomed input from the market, as conveyed by Veronika.

Keep your excellent hiring managers in warmth and love. 🐈

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