How to Hire a CMO for a Tech Product in 2024?

At the end of 2023, we successfully filled the CMO position for a tech product company specializing in photo-editing apps. 

⭐️ The hired professional will generate revenue through successful marketing initiatives, oversee the budget and spending, ensuring alignment with the company’s financial goals. 

Olesia Koronivska, VP Team Recruiter, presented 11 of the most relevant candidates, with one of them accepting the offer.

The overall pipeline consisted of 101 people, with some declining job offers and others not passing the screening process. The client ultimately secured candidates who perfectly matched the requirements and company culture.

The final candidate profile we agreed upon during the kick-off call was:

  • 5+ years in a related role
  • Experience managing teams of 10+ specialists directly
  • Experience handling million-dollar marketing budgets
  • Successful experience entering new markets and launching products
  • Ukrainian

What Helped Fill this Position, as Shared by Olesia:

  1. A person with a network can effectively communicate, generate interest in the position, and delicately navigate the negotiation process with all parties involved. This board position typically comes with internal complexities, so closing it independently might take up to a year. However, why do it alone when you can expedite the process?
  2. A clear understanding of who we are looking for and what we offer in return is essential. Moreover, it's crucial to be willing to openly discuss the interview processes. For a candidate to decide to switch projects, they must have a complete understanding of the current structure and expectations. While it may seem like there are plenty of candidates in the market, top specialists are actively sought after, so preparing for the negotiation process is crucial.
  3. Additional negotiation options are available. In our case, the hiring manager was willing to meet with candidates offline at a certain stage to personally answer questions and get to know them better. This individual works closely with the founders, so a personal match must occur, requiring additional effort.
  4. Attention to each of the final candidates is crucial. Being prepared to examine the growth potential of a specific individual within the company and highlighting their strengths is important. For our client, the candidate adjusted the role description and title slightly to VP of Growth.

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