How To Find & Hire A Specialized App Developer In Under 10 Days

In today's fast-paced tech industry, finding and hiring the right app developer can be a daunting challenge, to say the least. With specific requirements and a competitive market, it's crucial to have actionable insights and learnings to streamline the hiring process. In this blog post, we will delve into a case study of hiring a React Native developer for a tech company, called donut, within a tight timeframe. We'll explore the challenges faced and provide valuable advice to help you find and hire the perfect app developer for your team.

Author: Olesya Koronivska, Technical Recruiter VP Team and

Understanding The Key Challenges of The Market

Our recent case study involved the hiring of a React Native developer for donut, the first social network for donors, volunteers, and NGOs. The key challenges were twofold. Firstly, out of 171 candidates, only 50 were open to considering a job change, making the pool of potential candidates more limited. Secondly, the startup required a developer who not only possessed technical expertise but also had a product mindset and the ability to take ownership of the development process. 

Here’s what we learned from the process, and what you can use to benefit your search for the right app developer.

Actionable Insights & Learnings

Advice 1: Understand the Market and Requirements:

When hiring for a specialized role like React Native on mobile, it's essential to explain to the hiring manager the nuances of the market. The mobile landscape differs from traditional web frontend development, including variations in technology and salary expectations. 

Additionally, conduct a detailed briefing to determine the ideal candidate persona, considering both software skills and an analytical mindset. Look for individuals who can assess the potential outcomes of using specific tools, even if they haven't directly worked with them before. 

Also, prioritize candidates who exhibit a strong desire for continuous learning. In our case, the specific hard skills required were 2+ years of React Native experience, proficiency in TypeScript, Apollo GraphQL, REST API development, deep knowledge of design principles, and intermediate English proficiency.

Advice 2: Conduct a Quality Introductory Call:

The introductory call with the recruiter plays a crucial role in filtering potential candidates. It is essential to extract the exact information that the hiring manager needs and summarize it effectively. This helps set the right expectations and ensures alignment between the recruiter and the hiring manager. A thorough understanding of the candidate's background and suitability for the role can significantly streamline the subsequent stages of the hiring process.

Advice 3: Optimize the Hiring Process:

Flexibility in the hiring process is key to securing the right app developer. Be prepared to adapt and optimize the process based on candidate feedback and hiring manager concerns. This may involve adding additional calls with the candidate to provide a deeper understanding of the team and enhance confidence in the hiring decision. Keeping the number of stages to a minimum (introductory call, technical interview, offer) while maintaining a clear and efficient process allows for quicker evaluations and avoids unnecessary delays.

Case Study: Hiring An App Developer for An Early-Stage Startup

In our case, following the aforementioned advice, we successfully hired a React Native developer for donut within a remarkable 8-day timeframe. Our comprehensive understanding of the market, detailed briefings, high-quality introductory calls, and optimized hiring process played vital roles in identifying the perfect candidate. The selected developer had a product mindset, prior experience with analytics implementation, and impressive software skills that aligned perfectly with the startup's needs.

Finding and hiring a specialized app developer can be a challenging endeavor. By understanding the market, clearly defining requirements, conducting quality introductory calls, and optimizing the hiring process, you can streamline your search and secure the ideal candidate. Our case study demonstrates the effectiveness of these strategies, allowing us to deliver successful results within a tight timeframe. If you're seeking a highly skilled app developer for your team, leverage our expertise and let us guide you through the complex landscape of tech recruitment.

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