Hiring Stories of Your Fellow Colleagues

Hi! Iโ€™m Marina, the CEO of the VP Team, and the first person you will meet in emails and meetings with us. ๐Ÿ˜„

Let me share with you some inspiring hiring stories of your fellow colleagues. Feel free to tap into all that "secret sauce" within your existing processes and reach out to me directly for any advice regarding your hiring strategies.

It's a special honor for us to showcasing Ukrainian startups. Be sure to give each of them a closer look.

How did Loxo.AI hire six engineers instead of one?)

Introducing Loxo - an AI-powered Talent Intelligence Platform.

They reached out for help in hiring a Senior Ruby developer and Senior Frontend developer (JS, React) as fast as possible. In all cases, our approach is distinctive: we present clients with a curated list of the most suitable candidates, not just a pipeline.

After some chat time, Loxo decided to bring aboard all the engineer rockstars from our list: two Ruby Developers and three Frontend developers. Plus entrusted us with one more position to cover their urgent needs.

Secret sauce of the case:

  • Awesome speed and agility of decision-making. Why wait when you can hire the best now and fuel business growth?)
  • Smart and professional communication. We take pride in promptly addressing tasks, clearly and candidly state whatโ€™s what, and here it was a perfect match.

A React Native developer within 3 days? Itโ€™s a reality, not clickbait :)

Mannequin Technologies creates AI solutions for photo shooting, 3D clothing, and catalog needs.

They knocked on our door with an urgent plea: they needed a seasoned React Native engineer like, yesterday.

We wasted no time โ€“ just 2 days after the initial chat, we were already interviewing our first candidate. Guess what? He was as excited as we were and joined the squad. And the cherry on top? He hopped onboard within a mere 2 weeks.

Secret sauce of the case:

  • Clear-cut requirements from Mannequin Technologies.
  • Readiness for fast processes.
  • Trust in recruiters' work.

By the way, both cases are the result of the awesome work of Alexandra Mukomel, Head of Recruitment at VP Team. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Here's to more magic and collaboration ahead! ๐Ÿš€

Hiring an Unreal Engine developer for a non-gaming product from the first candidate? Itโ€™s Real!

Meet DRESSX - your the digital closet.

Their urgent need? An Unreal Engine developer.

We worked our magic through a pool of 101 potentials and we handpicked the perfect match. The result? An offer was extended and accepted.

Secret  sauce of the case:

  • Our recruiter worked their charm by prepping the hiring manager for a fast-paced and stream-lined process. Recognizing the scarcity of candidates open to new opportunities, they optimized every step. The result? An offer on the table right after the interview.

Here's a nugget of inspiration for you. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn or send a request here on the website you're looking for fresh perspectives on your hiring process.

Wishing you a successful quest for the perfect fit!