Hiring Senior DevOps Engineer: Salary Range, Workflow, Requirements, Tips Based on Our New Case

Best Meme to Start Talking About Hiring DevOps:


But the truth is that 90% of success really lies in choosing the right communication channel. Read more tips below.

The Product:

I work for the Ukrainian tech product LetyShops, a cashback service that now returns part of the money spent on purchases to 28 million users around the world.

Client Request:

They needed a seasoned Senior DevOps engineer. To be honest, the best of the best. The requirements were as follows:

  • Good understanding of the principles of reliability, scalability, and fault tolerance.
  • Knowledge and experience with relevant technologies and tools such as cloud platforms (AWS), containerization (Docker), orchestration (Kubernetes), CI/CD tools (GitLab CI/CD), scripting languages (Python, Go, Bash), monitoring and logging tools, and networking concepts.
  • Understanding of the benefits of Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and basic familiarity with IaC tools.
  • Familiarity with configuration management tools.
  • Understanding of security risks, vulnerabilities, and basic best practices.

Salary preferences for such candidates are $6000-$8000 per month.


The overall pipeline consisted of 185 candidates. Only 17 of them were considering a job change. I presented the four best, and one of them received the offer.

What Helped to Fill the Position?

Interesting product: building a fintech product from scratch.

Senior Recruiter work: a well-built sourcing and communication strategy. That's crucial to finding such a unicorn.

Stages of Interviews:

  1. Intro-call with recruiter
  2. Interview with hiring manager
  3. System Design
  4. Call with CEO

If you need assistance with your search, please contact Tanya: tn@vpteam.io.