Full Stack developer (Flutter+JS)

We added a key engineer to a growing tech product.

In January 2024, our team filled the Full Stack developer role (Flutter+JS) for a rising product, an app for parents and kids.

⭐️ The engineer has already brought value to the business by developing a new part of the product with the second engineer. 

Out of 102 processed candidates, 10 were presented to the client. 

One of the candidates who went through three stages of interviews, including live coding in Dart, received an offer.  

The client entrusted this vacancy to us ❗️ because it was crucial to find the right person who possesses both the necessary 

  • hard skills: experience working across the entire stack from client-side to server-side, a portfolio of developed Flutter applications, experience with Node.JS, Typescript, NextJS, Google Cloud (or AWS / Azure / etc.), SQL databases, and experience working in a team without manual QA;

  • as well as the essential soft skills: being proactive, open to new experiences, ready to tackle complex problems and systems, and attentive to details.

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