Senior Software Engineer

Hello everyone!

We are looking for Senior Software Engineers at Clarisights product startup, fully remote.

Further - more, in the Q&A.

What are we doing?

Clarisights is a SaaS company that enables marketers to get a unified view of their data without investing in complex reporting stacks. Instead, marketers have to deal with data incoming from multiple siloed sources such as ad networks, web analytics, in-app analytics, and in-house customer data. Collating all this data, exporting it, and later analyzing it is tedious, error-prone, and limited. Clarisights solves this problem by stitching data aggregation, data warehousing, and data visualization into one seamless interface. Marketers can connect their data sources to our platform, stream all the ad and analytics data to our backend, run computations on that data, have custom visualizations, drill down / roll-up, and query by any other metric.

Today, we stand at the most important and exciting juncture with the recent funding round, which has given us enough ammunition to scale our GTM strategy to the US and Europe and expand our engineering team further. Here's what we've achieved so far:

1. Acquired enterprise customers such as Uber, Delivery Hero, HelloFresh, Universal Music, etc, with an average ACV of $200K.

2. $14M Series A funding led by Sequoia Capital India.

Why are we doing this?

  • Clarisights provides a one-stop hub for all marketing data to empower performance marketing teams to be at their A-game collectively.
  • Marketing teams will have complete control over their data and make all possible impactful data-driven decisions collaboratively, effortlessly, and holistically.

Why join Clarisights?

  • Work should be rewarding, and every day we make sure you wake up excited to solve challenging problems and help our users do more with their data.
  • We are very transparent about both highs and lows. We believe by being transparent, we all have the opportunity to learn from one another and grow for the benefit of everyone. Everyone deserves to know what's going on - even when it involves failures.
  • We leave our ego at the door, and we demand mutual respect within and among teams. This is not your typical startup. Kindness and respect prevail.

What professional skills do we expect?

  • We don't require knowledge of some specific technologies. But we expect you to be open to switching any programming language when needed.
  • This is essential for us to have good system design experience and work with large-scale systems.

Our current tech stack:

Ruby, C++, Go. We want to reduce the amount of Ruby. So you'll be able to decide what technology fits here the most.

What else is crucial for us?

  • We are looking for folks with a strong passion for solving complex problems and a burning desire to learn and grow. This is not an easy gig. It will require solid technical chops and an insatiable curiosity to improve things. We need builders who want to be mentored, not managed.
  • You believe in our vision. You drive the product for the better, always looking to improve things, and soon become the go-to person to talk about something you have mastered. In addition, you love dabbling in your side projects and learning new skills that are not necessarily part of your regular day job.
  • You are curious to know how different systems on our platform work. You are not afraid to venture into unknown territories of the product. You are inherently curious. You ask intelligent questions.
  • You are your own manager. You can implement tasks on your own without a need for micro-management and take responsibility for any task that has been assigned to you.
  • You should be helpful and work well with teams. You're probably someone who enjoys sharing knowledge with team members, asking for help when you need it.

What to do in the project?

  • Our product direction right now is making Clarisights 2.0. That means we want to rebuild the system avoiding all the mistakes made in the past. 
  • We have already designed a framework to integrate current data sources and new ones. And now, we need to make this framework.

Why was the position opened?

We need more Senior Engineers and plan to hire 4-5 soon.

Team size and structure?

23 people. ETL and Database engineers, DevOps.

Mainly the team locates in India, Bangalore. But some of it is based in Europe.

Who works for us? 

Ashu Pachauri - CTO of the company, Arun Srinivasan, CEO and Co-Founder, Ankur Gupta - Tech Co-founder, Jan Rixgens - Chief of Staff.

Do you need English, and at what level?

Upper-Intermediate and higher. The primary language of communication in the company is English.

The conditions:

  • Is there a trial period, and how long does it last? - Trial period lasts up to 3 months.
  • Overtime, how often? - We don't have a policy about overtime, as long as your job gets done.
  • What is the work schedule? - Flexible working hours. 
  • Is it possible to work remotely? - It's a fully remote job.
  • A number of vacation days? - 26 days per year.
  • Social package (medical insurance, other): Medical insurance reimbursement, stock options.
  • Is there a test task? - No.
  • Interview in English? - Yes.

How many stages of the interview?

  • Intro call with a recruiter (30 min)
  • Interview with CEO/Chief of Staff (1 - 1.5 hours) 
  • 2 technical interviews - one in a discussion format and a system design interview (2 hours)

If you like the vacancy, please send us your CV.