Senior React Native Developer

Hi everybody!

We are looking for a Senior React Native Developer for the Mannequin Technology product startup.

Further – more, in Q&A.

We have developed a unique ML algorithm and plan to implement it in a set of different products. We are the first to develop a product that allows you to control and change a person's hair in a photo. We currently have a backend and a design team, so we are looking for an experienced frontend with React Native to develop the client part of our product's mobile application.

We are not a single product company, we will have several products, so you have the opportunity to join the development of future apps!

What are we doing?

Mannequin Technologies is a technology company that specializes in developing ML solutions related to the generation and modification of human appearance in media content and related fields. We have already developed a unique algorithm for generating a full-length photo of a person in FullHD quality with the ability to control the appearance. We do not currently know of any public decision that can match our quality.

Why are we doing this?

We believe that the world is moving in the direction of full automation of human labor and we want to promote this movement. We believe we have one of the world's best expertise in developing advanced ML solutions. Finally, we believe that introducing our products to society will sincerely reward us with great capital.

Why will you be interested in us?

  • We sincerely love to create cool things, so we create a team with which work feels like an adventure
  • We have experience creating global products for hundreds of millions of users
  • We have one of the strongest ML teams among young companies
  • Co-founders are Yurii Monastyrshyn and Yura Lazebnikov who have successfully sold startups for $100M
  • This position is the first frontend position in the company, so it is possible to participate in the construction of the entire frontend direction

What professional skills are important to us?

  • 3+ years experience in JavaScript/TypeScript
  • 2+ years experience in React Native
  • Experience in product development
  • Framework: React
  • Experience with AppStore/Google Play services such as in-app purchase
  • English: B2+

What to do in the project?

  • Develop and launch the React native App from scratch
  • Implement the developed UI design
  • Work with image processing

Why was the position opened?

Development of the new product.

The size and structure of the company?

Currently up to 15 people.

Where are the people who make technical decisions about the project?

US, Ukraine, England.


  • Is there a probationary period and how long does it last? – 3 months
  • What is the work schedule? – Flexible schedule. Thinks with the US at the time of crossing time zones.
  • Work format? – Full remote.
  • Number of vacation days? – 20 business days.
  • Stock options? – Optional.
  • We compensate for the technical equipment.


  • Is there a test task? – No.
  • Interview in English? – No.
  • How many stages of the interview and with whom?
  1. Interview with a recruiter – 30 minutes
  2. Interview with the Founder – 1 hour
  3. Interview with CTO and Tech Lead – 1 hour
  4. Interview with Senior Software Engineer – 1 hour
  5. Offer.

If you like the vacancy, please send us your CV.