Head of Sales

Hello everyone!

We are looking for an ambitious Head of Sales who will lead our IT Delight team to major contracts in the US market and will take a leading role in building a global and professional e-commerce oriented Magento company.

This is a position for a true leader who will expand our customer base by coordinating customer acquisition efforts across targeted industries and verticals. An experienced coach who will manage our sales team and guide them on their path to success with their own example.

We know that constant challenges, a team, and professional growth are important to you, and we are ready to give you this, namely:

  • freedom. Build workflows the way you see them;
  • the company's vision until 2030, which is very cool for our size. From creating a network of constant training representatives (we know and understand how to do this) to buying small companies and E-commerce agencies abroad in our target markets;
  • in the future you will join the board in order to influence the development of the business;
  • we have one of the strongest marketing teams in Ukraine;
  • goal revenue in 2023 - 78%, in 2024 - 105%, 2025 - 50%;
  • our partners and clients are E-commerce projects that you know for sure :) with them, you will build long-term relationships, drink coffee and talk about sales in different parts of the world. Or even meet for training in Las Vegas, if you want ;)

Who are we?

  • We are partners with Magento and Shopware, and we do not plan to stop there.
  • IT Delight was founded in 2012, and we currently have 84 employees. We see how to get to 550 by pursuing a unique margin strategy.
  • We believe that the key to the success of the company is the professionalism and self-development of each employee. We were able to achieve success and grow from a small startup into an international company thanks to openness, honest communication, trust, mutual support, and care for each other.
  • To date, our offices are open in Ukraine, USA, Cyprus, and Germany.
  • The company's clients are eCommerce from the US, Australia, and the DACH region, including big names in the retail industry.

What do we do?

Our mission is to create the best e-commerce solutions. To do this, we gather talented specialists and unite them in our company.

Our core competencies:

  • Magento / Magento2 for developing and setting up online stores.
  • Development of multi-stores and trading platforms.
  • Experience with a giant network of more than 100,000 products.
  • Complex business logic.
  • Development of progressive web applications (PWA).
  • Shopware 6 development and support of online stores.

What tasks will the Head of Sales face?

The vacancy opened in order to remove the role of Head of Sales from CEO and give qualitative growth. The team already consists of experienced players and is divided into pairs: lead generators + sales.


  • Make sales predictable.
  • Accelerate the movement of the team (now it is 8 people) to major contracts in the planned GPM.
  • Strengthen and bring the company's presence in the US market (currently, it is 20%, and the goal is 50+%).
  • Ensure the growth of the team. (The strategy has been developed until 2030, but there is a need to adapt it for the year, quarter).
  • Change ICP (ideal customer profile) to medium-medium+, enterprise light in the long run.

Qualities and experience we are looking for?

  • from 5 years of experience in IT teams sales in outsourcing
  • 2+ years of experience in managing a team of sales and leadgens
  • roadshow experience
  • fluent English, preferably German
  • ideal if your experience in an outsourcing company is 500 people or more
  • experience in Magento company will be a huge plus

Work format

Remote. Mobility is also important, as there will be regular trips to clients (DACH, UK, USA)

Who is working with us?

Working conditions:

  • Is there a trial period, and how long does it last? – 3 months.
  • What is the work schedule? – Flexible 8-hour working day.
  • How many vacation and sick days? – 20 working days + paid sick days.
  • English courses, payment for sports, and vocational training.

The interview process

  • Is there a test task? – Paid test task is possible.
  • Interview in English? – Yes.
  • Intro call with a recruiter (45 minutes)
  • Interview with CEO (1 hour)
  • Interview with Board Advisor (1 hour)

If you like the vacancy, please send us your CV.