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 Art Director

Hello everyone!

We are looking for an Art Director for the Skylum product company, a universal photo editing software application available for Windows and macOS.

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What are we doing?

Skylum is driven to create an innovative toolset that elevates photographers' creative process and enhances their work quality. It offers cutting-edge editing options, advanced masking and selection tools, intelligent image enhancement algorithms, and intuitive interfaces.

Why are we doing this?
Our mission is to enable millions of people to bring their creative ideas to life. At our company  we work hard every day to give photographers (creators) the best photo software for editing, managing and making beautiful photos.

What professional experience is important to us?

  • Experience in making software/mobile/desktop products successful through the modern trend of design.
  • To be on the wavelengths with the future.
  • Experienced in going from concept to implementation through compromises, but with upholding the main thing (+ business cases from the practice of at least 1 product company).
  • Understanding the trends and approaches in digital product design and its business impact.
  • Understanding of the user’s logic. We are making a masterpiece that should excite, and not only us 🙂
  • At least 3 years of experience in a similar role in a product
  • Ability to build relationships within a company: to be on the same page with the team, inspire them, lead and cooperate, communicate with departments and stakeholders.
  • Your visionary concepts will serve as the foundation for our product's evolution

 Would be a plus:

  • Passion for photography / photography as a hobby.
  • Availability of own products / product launches.
  • Understanding the work of R&D, innovation.

What will you do?

  • Pioneering new realities and design concepts
  • Sharing professional vision with business and team, demonstrating how design can align with strategic objectives and elevate them
  • Inspiring the team to create: you'll empower the team to push their creative boundaries, sparking innovative ideas and breakthrough solutions
  • Amplifying product attractiveness and utility for users
  • Inspire confidence in your creative direction and foster collaboration between the design team and other departments

Where are the people who make the decisions located?

Most of our team are based in Ukraine (Kyiv) and Portugal (Lisbon) and Warsaw (Poland) , this role is partially remote.

The Management Team is currently based in Ukraine (Kyiv) and Portugal (Lisbon).

Work conditions:

  • Number of vacation days: 21 working days.
  • Social package (Education budget, that allows you to grow professionally and explore new ideas; medical insurance, relocation program).

How many stages of the interview? 

  1. VP Team interview  - 45 min; 
  2. Interview with CEO and Head of HR - 1 hour; 
  3. Interview with founder - 1 hour; 
  4. Introduction to the team - 30-40 min

If you like the vacancy, please send us your CV.