Account Manager (Senior / Lead)

Hello everyone!

We are looking for an Account Manager (Senior / Lead) in the service company Speed & Function.

What are we doing?

At Speed & Function, we build exceptional custom software applications using today’s most advanced technology. But so do a lot of software engineering firms, so what makes working for us different?

  • Firstly, we operate out of two continents. Most of our engineers are based in Eastern Europe, and our US Head Office is in Philadelphia. 
  • Second, everyone who works here is passionate about digital transformation, innovation and collaborative software development. However, don’t confuse us with contractors, because we’re not. We are true collaborators. We work so closely with clients that their products are virtually built in-house. This gives our people the opportunity to work with clients in a unique way. Think Collaboration 2.0.
  • Third, we are striving to build a developmental culture where learning, feedback and transparency are given equal weight to productivity, efficiency and results. At Speed & Function, you’re given the chance to grow, not just technically but as a person. We aim to become better people who produce brilliant work and offer our clients a fulfilling and enjoyable experience along the way.

Why are we doing this?

Our mission is to finalize a unique collaboration framework that’s relevant to 21st-century challenges and allows delivering both state-of-the-art technology solutions and an amazing collaboration experience.

We are striving to become a Teal or DDO (deliberately developmental) organization.

How are we doing?

We’re not contractors, we’re collaborators. A steadfast extension of your team, grounded in developmental processes and rock solid engineering, ready to tackle the most complex of technical challenges- Delivering a full range of refinement, from prototype to MVP to enterprise-grade applications, having released over 300 products in over 10 years.

How old is the project? What stage is it at?

14 years in business.

What to do in a project?


  • Facilitate understanding and effective collaboration between client and delivery. Understand client’s dreams and aspirations to ensure alignment of their business goals with S&F’s internal goals. To summarize, facilitate and nurture a mutually beneficial partnership between us and the client. 
  • Collect and leverage data to craft growth strategies for each account. Identify and remove blockers preventing high NPS scores. 
  • Refine a reliable system of feedback collection from (and provision to) clients so that we can prevent escalations. Quickly resolve escalations with lessons learned, resulting in constant improvement and increased trust. 
  • Prepare and negotiate proposals for upsells, cross-sells and new project SOWs. Ensure smooth handoffs to delivery. 
  • Refine and create OKRs per account. Current metrics include NPS, check size, turnover, number of closed deals, upsells. 


  • Manage activities of the team and motivate the team to achieve organizational goals.
  • Conduct training of team members to contribute to the growth of the company through a successful team.
  • Ensure data in our tools is up to date and is in use by the team, which includes Hubspot CRM, Databox, Google Sheets and a few other tools. 
  • Generate reports (weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly) to ensure visibility and to provide a clear direction for the growth of the account management practice to top leadership.

What professional skills are important to us?


  • 3+ years in biz dev and sales or related in software development field, leading teams. 
  • Custom software (not SaaS), digital agency or related experience. 
  • Ambition and ability to take full advantage of growth opportunities that emerge from working closely with the top leadership team and potential to reasonably quickly go to the next level. 
  • Feedback skills: an open communicator who will provide lots of feedback, push back when necessary and request feedback following their strong desire to learn.
  • Curiosity, wanting to know how everything works even outside your direct responsibilities and quickly integrate with other functions inside our org. 
  • Partner mentality. You will not be treated like an employee, but more like a partner (or a service provider, with our leadership team being the client). In other words, this is not just a job (although it’s paid), but a huge opportunity to grow.


  • Strong sense of personal responsibility. 
  • Help adopt and practice Agile in your areas of responsibility. 

Is English required and at what level?


Why was the position opened?

In connection with the internal promotion of employees to other positions

Growth/development prospects for this position?

You can grow within the company (for example, move to a project manager)

Current team structure?

Head of Sales, Lead Account Manager

Where are the people who make technical decisions on the project located?

The conditions:

  • Is there a trial period and how long does it last? Yes, 3 months
  • Overtime, how often, what is the payment approach?There is an hourly rate, overtime is paid in relation to it.
  • What is the work schedule? We have telecommuting flexibility with significant Eastern time zone overlap (11.00-19.0GMT+2)
  • Is it possible to work remotely? Position completely remote
  • Number of vacation days? 15 working days + 5 working days sick leave
  • Social package (medical insurance, other)? English language courses, training in hard and soft skills, work with a corporate psychologist. We provide support with relocation, equipment, a healthy workplace, insurance.
  • Is relocation outside Ukraine possible and how is the company ready to support it? Yes, relocation is possible to Montenegro, the company helps with this
  • When, how and in what currency is salary paid? Salary is paid once a month, contract employment.

The process:

  • Is there a test task? No.
  • Interview in English? Yes
  • Who reviews the resume? Team Lead
  • How many stages of the interview, with whom?
    • intro call with recruiter: 30 min
    • English check: 20 min
    • technical interview with Team Lead: 1 hour
    • technical interview with Head of Sales: 1 hour
    • call with CEO: 1 hour

If you like the vacancy, please send us your CV.