Найти работу в IT

Подберем вакансию в IT уровня Senior+ и C-level ⭐Рекрутинговое агентство VP Team. Вакансии в ИТ сфере. Найдем для вас IT компанию, которая вам понравится. Всегда даём обратную связь и строим долгосрочные доверительные отношения.

We will find a company
to your liking
We always provide feedback and build trusting relationship.
We are result-oriented,
great at interpersonal communication,
do not spam
Straightforward communication
We state the rules and stick to them. We answer all of the questions, provide fast and honest feedback.
Keep in touch
We answer on time and do not keep you waiting for feedback.
Appreciate the time
We tell the truth about the companies and do not waste your time. Only honest and adequate communication.
Relevant only
We offer only those jobs and companies that suit your skills and interests.
Maintain the relationship
If it didn’t work out this time, we would offer you the next suitable vacancy as soon as it appears.
Do not drive you mad
No irrelevant e-mails and questions about where you see yourself in 5 years.
Current vacancies with our clients
Senior DevOps Engineer
locations:Kyiv / Vinnytsia
types:Full-time / Remote

We work with product IT-companies, which we can sincerely recommend

These are the companies that have a solid reputation and transparent processes. Each of them is a team of like-minded people, where every employee is appreciated and highly valued.

background title
Roman Chuvilin
Product Manager at Synergetica

The fact how carefully VP recruiters study a person, not only his experience and skills but his ambitions, way of thinking, and motivation, do not allow to call this process "hiring" or "finding a job".

background title
Yana Zubkova
QA Manager, BCD Travel

VP Team has changed my life. A perfect example of their work: I've been 6 years in a company where I went from an engineer to a department manager. I recommend them as the best team in the country, which will find a dream company for every person.

background title
Evgeniy Timchenko
Product Manager at Zakaz.ua

VP Team is my recruitment partner and just great friends. They will never offer a company that does not suit me, will honestly tell you about the realities of the market and will always point the right direction.