Consulting/Supervision in Directions: Integration and use of AI in business.

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Consultant: Paul Wahtel

Entrepreneur, AI expert, engineer.

With 10 years of experience in programming (Front End + Mobile), focusing on LLMs (Large Language Models). Entrepreneur. CEO & Founder of

Certified Prompt Engineer. Completed 150+ hours of material on Prompt Engineering.

Integrates AI into businesses: creates agents, develops AI chatbots, configures models using Prompt Engineering, and develops automation.

You can engage in short-term consulting or long-term supervision in the following areas:

—  AI automation of routine processes in the company:

Conducting an audit of the company to identify processes that can be automated and optimizing resource expenditures on them. Integration of artificial intelligence/AI into business. Customer support. Training the team to use AI agents and independently improve them.

—  Creating AI chatbots tailored to client requests and tasks:

Developing a chatbot tailored to client requests. Training the chatbot, fine-tuning it for a specific direction.

— Prompt Engineering:

Creating prompts/instructions for AI to fully address business tasks. Improving existing processes using AI.

Working with Paul would be a perfect fit if your company is:

  • Small and medium-sized businesses seeking to automate their business processes using AI technologies to achieve results cheaper, faster, and simpler.
  • Companies already using AI technologies but dissatisfied with the model's quality and wanting to tune it for better performance.


Request: Improving the quality of Customer Support using AI technologies.

Point A: Manual analysis of manager-customer conversations was conducted. The manager had to review everything and draw conclusions on their own.

Point B: An AI agent transcribes the conversation between the customer and the Customer Support manager, then adds the following information to a separate document:

1. Conversation transcript in the first column

2. Conversation analysis and rating from 1 to 10 in the second column

3. All mistakes made by the manager in the third column

4. Advice for future conversations in the fourth column

Request: Creating an AI bot that will sell client real estate properties via Telegram at the level of their sales department manager.

Result: Paul chose an AI model, trained it on the necessary information about the business and client real estate properties, and integrated it into Telegram.

Request from a SaaS company: create prompts so that the AI model they use in their product generates a 5-step email sequence at the level of SDRs in their company.

Point A: The current model provided very generic responses.

Point B: Paul worked closely with the sales department in their company, and using his knowledge in Prompt Engineering, created 7 different prompts under different categories. We achieved the desired result, and they integrated this solution into their product.

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