2022 Report on Salaries of Senior developers and IT specialists

If we still don't know each other ๐Ÿ˜‰: 

VP Team is a Ukrainian tech talent acquisition agency. For 12 years, we have successfully connected top-notch Senior Engineers and IT specialists to high-growth startups and tech giants. 

Each quarter we share the most extensive report on the salaries of Senior and Middle Engineers and other specialists with our team insights about recruitment in different markets. We form analytics only based on actual offers given by our clients. 

So itโ€™s hot and fresh, as they said. ๐Ÿ”ฅ

TOP-5 hires for three months by VP Team:

  1. Senior Product Designer (candidate became a lead for the design team) โ€” 8000$

  2. Senior Ruby Developer โ€” 8000$

  3. Senior Full-stack (Angular, .net) โ€” 7000$

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March-June 2022 Analytics. You find out:

  1. recruitment changes after the start of the war in Ukraine;
  2. salaries statistics of Seniors: Product Manager, Product Designer, Product Analyst, Account Manager, User Acquisition Manager, Talent Acquisition Manager, Inbound Marketing manager;
  3. salaries statistics of Seniors: Data Engineer, RBI BI, Backend Developer (Python), C++ Developer, Massive, Full-Stack (Angular, .net), Full-Stack (Python, Javascript, TypeScript, C/C++ or Go), Frontend Developer, React Native Developer;
  4. conclusion notes by our recruiters

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